Green and sustainable global economic improvement at Azerbaijani Universities: renewable energy and climate change mitigation

REFRESH, as part of Key Action 2 projects, has received funding from the European Commission through the Capacity-Building in Higher Education Programme (CBHE)

The comprehensive design of the project underscores a meticulous alignment among its objectives, activities, methodology, and proposed budget. This strategic coherence ensures that the project remains steadfast in addressing identified needs and working towards expected results that directly cater to those needs. The methodology of the project is centered around a diverse target group, encompassing students, teaching staff, and key players in both the energy industry and government in Azerbaijan. The collaboration extends to include four regional universities and one in the capital city as local partners, with EU partner universities benefiting through increased networking with local institutions and other stakeholders. The overarching goal of the consortium is to elevate the quality of teaching, enhancing the learning outcomes of students by incorporating best practices from European universities, deploying cutting-edge teaching tools and methodologies.

The project envisions a broader impact on the labor market by aligning improved teaching and learning outcomes with the identified needs of the industry. This relationship is pivotal in achieving the project's key objectives. Moreover, the initiative serves as a catalyst for fostering government-academia-industry partnerships, creating a sustainable network that spans the collaborative efforts of Azerbaijan and European universities. The three-year project plan is under the vigilant oversight of the project management board, ensuring seamless coordination and monitoring of all activities throughout the project lifecycle. This meticulous approach not only guarantees the project's success but also positions it as a model for future research and collaboration, reinforcing a sustainable bridge between academia and industry across borders.


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