Wind of Change:

REFRESHing Educational Landscape of Azerbaijan


The REFRESH project, aimed at advancing green and sustainable economic development in Azerbaijani universities, is strategically designed based on comprehensive analyses of both international and national reports. Recognizing the untapped potential of wind and solar energy in Azerbaijan, coupled with a governmental push for a green economy, the project addresses critical gaps identified through a preliminary needs assessment with industry leaders. Focused on elevating expertise, the initiative includes Training of Trainers programs, refining teaching methodologies, and launching pilot courses at partner Higher Education Institutions. Simultaneously, the incorporation of Virtual Learning Simulation labs enhances the curriculum, ensuring a significant impact on local human capital development. By aligning education with industry demands, REFRESH paves the way for a successful green transition in the Azerbaijani economy.

The project's holistic approach aligns educational advancements with industry needs, fostering a sustainable and impactful transformation in Azerbaijan's renewable energy landscape. The overarching goal of the project is to catalyze the development of human capital within the renewable energy sector in Azerbaijan.

  • Enhancing local competencies by bolstering the capacity of teaching staff;

  • Elevating teaching and learning outcomes at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to meet the urgent demands of the local labor market;

  • Cultivating robust government-academia-industry partnerships through effective project implementation;

  • Establishing a resilient network between Azerbaijani and European universities;

  • Heightening awareness of renewable energies on a national scale.

Key Objectives 

Wider Objective

  • Enhancing local competencies: EU partners will develop tailored training materials and conduct ToT sessions, elevating skills of local teaching staff for improved teaching competencies.

  • Optimizing teaching outcomes: Strengthened local competencies lead to enhanced teaching outcomes, fostering better methodologies and curriculum development with EU partner guidance.

  • Nurturing partnerships: Involving 6 local universities, the State Agency for Renewable Energy, and 5 organizations in the consortium, the project promotes collaboration between government, academia, and industry, ensuring dissemination and sustainability.

  • Building a robust network: With 4 European and 6 local universities participating, the project internationalizes university networks, fostering relationships through mutual visits and creating a personal network among project members.

  • Raising awareness: Engaging 17 organizations, including academia, government, private sectors, NGOs, and European universities, the project leverages diverse platforms, such as social media and youth organizations, to amplify awareness on renewable energy in Azerbaijan.