University of Bologna, heralded as the oldest in the Western world, stands as a cornerstone of European culture with a rich legacy entwined with luminaries in science and literature. With over 93,000 students, its expansive network includes 31 Departments, 5 Schools, 7 Interdepartmental Research Centres and 12 research/training facilities.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, established in 1827, has evolved into a preeminent technical and engineering university in Europe. With over 13,000 full-time students, 1,700 PhD students, and a dedicated staff of approximately 3,600, KTH's five campuses in Greater Stockholm foster a dynamic environment for academic excellence.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU), established in 1829 with a mission to create societal value, stands as an international elite technical university. With 11,200 students preparing for the future and a dedicated staff of 6,000 committed to education, research, consulting, and innovation 
DTU is a cornerstone of world-class research that contributes to value, welfare, and growth.

The University of Barcelona has sixteen faculties, ten affiliated centres and a doctoral school through which all its academic programmes are being operated. It also has a Science Park, a Science and Technology Centre service, seventeen research institutes, over five hundred research groups and nearly six thousand researchers. Since it was founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona has grown and evolved with the society around it.

UNEC is located in the capital city Baku and is a public university with more than 20.114 students and 850 academic staff. The university is a home for undergraduate, graduate and professional studies promoting advanced study, research and educational policy. The University is the fundamental educational center teaching the science of economics in the region. Specialties on Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels are taught in Azerbaijani, English, Russian and in Turkish languages. The central point of auditorium is student. UNEC offers a wide scope of diverse majors in economics, engineering, social sciences, management and business administration, design, etc. UNEC is a research‐oriented university. UNEC has 41 research centers and labs. UNEC is also one of the leading universities in Azerbaijan in terms of its established relations with industries.

Ganja State University, founded in 1938, epitomizes a rich legacy of academic traditions and extensive experience in organizing and conducting scientific research. With 8 faculties, 10 departments, and a commitment to education and science development, the university offers bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees across various fields, fostering competent teachers and producing highly qualified personnel.

Azerbaijan Technological University (ATU), established in 2000, is a hub for cultivating highly qualified engineers and technologists in diverse fields. ATU provides education in one campus consisting of 6 educational and 1 administrative building. Besides, for the incoming students, there is a dormitory that can host 1,000 students in the city. The university offers 24 bachelors’, 19 masters’, and 18 doctoral degree programs and serves to 3000 students with 550 teaching and research staff.

Mingachevir State University (MSU) is a public university located in Mingachevir city, the fourth biggest city of Azerbaijan. MSU is a higher educational institution with study programs and research addressing Economics and Management, Engineering, and Pedagogics. The above-mentioned faculties have 24 specializations and 10 departments. The current number of students is about 2700, including undergraduate and graduate levels, and 300 academic and administrative staff.

Lankaran State University is a public university located in Lankaran city of Azerbaijan and was founded in 1992. Currently, more than 4500 bachelors, masters and doctoral students study at the University, about 400 professor-teaching staff work at the university. Education and research activities are carried out in 5 faculties and 13 departments.

Sumgait State University located in Sumgait city, was established on the base of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute by the Order dated June 13, 2000, about "Improvement of the education system in the Republic of Azerbaijan". 7 faculties, 29 departments, 6 scientific- research laboratories, Linguistic Center, Teaching Methodical Center, Doctorate and Master Programs Office, Science Office, Foreign Students Office and other bodies are functioning in Sumgait State University