Azerbaijani representatives of the REFRESH project took part in a business trip to the University of Bologna


A staff trip to the University of Bologna, Italy (UNIBO) recently took place as part of the "Green and sustainable global economic improvement at Azerbaijani Universities: renewable energy and climate change mitigation (REFRESH)" project. UNEC won this project in 2022 within the framework ERASMUS+ KA2 program.

During the first day of the training program, a meeting took place between UNIBO's international relations academic staff and representatives of Azerbaijani higher educational institutions involved in the REFRESH project consortium. The participants exchanged information about their universities and shared the planned steps and areas of activity within the REFRESH project.

In the subsequent days, professors and teachers from the UNIBO Department of Industrial Engineering conducted a seminar focusing on the development of green and sustainable energy. They discussed initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of climate change. Additionally, the UNIBO Scientific and Innovation Center staff made a presentation on scientific and innovation field advancements, followed by a Q&A session.

On the last day of the training program, discussions were held regarding the future steps of the REFRESH project with UNIBO representatives. The collaborative dialogue aimed to solidify plans for the project's progression, emphasizing the commitment of both institutions to promoting sustainable practices and addressing climate change challenges.


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