Info-session at Azerbaijan Technological University


11/22/20231 min read

Info-session on the Erasmus+ KA2 project "Green and sustainable global economic improvement at Azerbaijani Universities: renewable energy and climate change mitigation (REFRESH)" held at Azerbaijan Technological University (ATU). Coordinated by the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC) and co-funded by European Union, the event attracted key figures from academic and administrative staff and students.

The attendees included ATU Vice-Rector for Acadedmic Affairs Ragif Huseynov, Advisor on Strategic Development and Digitalization Issues Mehman Karimov, Head of UNEC Foreign Relatons Office Afet Alakbarova, head of the ATU structural department, as well as professors, teachers, and students from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Ragif Huseynov, the project manager from Azerbaijan Technological University, opened the event with remarks highlighting the significance of the REFRESH project for the university, faculty members, and students in the relevant department.

Following the opening address, Ramida Khalilova, Acting Head of International Cooperation, provided a comprehensive overview, including the action plan, project management and coordination, initial research at partner universities in Azerbaijan on renewable energy education, the development of pilot courses, innovative curricula, and the exploration of EU models for virtual simulation laboratories (VLS). The presentation also covered aspects such as dissemination, sustainability, quality planning, monitoring, and detailed insights into the anticipated outcomes of the project.

In a lively conclusion to the event, representatives of the project fielded questions from professors, teachers, and students, providing a valuable opportunity for further clarification and discussion about the impactful REFRESH project.