Info-session at LSU


11/24/20231 min read

On November 24, 2023, at Lankaran State University, in connection with the REFRESH ("Green and sustainable global economic improvement in Azerbaijan universities: renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation) project coordinated by Azerbaijan State University of Economics, in which Lankaran State University is also participating as a partner university,an information day was held. The purpose of the event was to educate students, teachers, and university employees about this project in the field of renewable energy in our country. LSU's International Cooperation Department's Project Management Specialist, Nuri Billure, gave a presentation about the project and gave detailed information about the importance of the project, its role in the current society, and other important issues. In the second stage of the event, Tofig Aliyev, a specialist in visa-document work and work with students of the International Cooperation Department, informed the students about Erasmus+ projects. The event was met with interest by the participants, and the questions of students and teachers were answered. In addition, let's note that the coordinator of the mentioned project (REFRESH) is the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. The project involves 4 European universities (University of Barcelona in Spain, University of Bologna in Italy, Technical University of Denmark, Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden) and 6 local universities (Sumgait State University, Ganja State University, Mingachevir State University, Lankaran State University, Azerbaijan University of Technology), as well as several local societies and agencies that also act as partners. The goal of the project is to improve the transition period to green energy in Azerbaijan, improve the teaching methodologies and course programs, and increase the existing potential in the relevant field in the higher education institutions by involving the teaching staff in the Training of Trainers (ToT) program to start pilot courses in each partner higher education institution. For your information, Vusala Muradova, head teacher of the "Technology and Technical Subjects" department, was sent to Bologna, Italy, to participate in the first trainings within the framework of the REFRESH project.