Refresh Project Hosts Meeting with Local Partners in Preparation for ISCEMR-2024


3/7/20241 min read

As part of the ongoing REFRESH project, a meeting was held with local partners to discuss the responsibilities falling on the shoulders of these local stakeholders within the framework of the project. Coordinators from UNEC presented the initial program of the upcoming ISCEMR - 2024 (INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT RESEARCHERS:

New Age of Sustainable Development: Green Transformation and Climate Financing) scheduled to take place on May 22-23. During the meeting, the coordinators outlined the obligations of local partners and provided an overview of the conference agenda. Each participating partner organization's involvement, as well as the expenses related to participation, were discussed in detail.

The presentation of the preliminary conference program marks a significant step in the planning process, showcasing the commitment of local partners to actively contribute to the success of the event. The REFRESH project, with its emphasis on collaboration and shared responsibilities, is poised to create a platform for fruitful discussions and meaningful partnerships. The active engagement of local partners is essential for the project's success, and this meeting served as a crucial step in ensuring that all stakeholders are well-prepared and informed ahead of the upcoming international conference.