Roundtable sessions was conducted to share the experience of DTU


5/29/20241 min read

On May 29th, within the framework of the "Green and sustainable global economic improvement at Azerbaijani Universities: renewable energy and climate change mitigation - REFRESH" project coordinated by UNEC, roundtable session was held to share the experience of the Technical University of Denmark in the field of recovered energy.

Representatives from UNEC's International Cooperation Department and the International Center for Graduate Education participated in this roundatble session . Narmin Ibrahimova, Director of the International Cooperation Department, delivered a speech, providing participants with information on the outcomes of her visit to the Technical University of Denmark under the REFRESH project.

During the meetings, discussions covered topics such as bachelor's and master's degree programs in Sustainable Energy Systems at DTU, the teaching process, engineering specialties within DTU's Faculty of Engineering focusing on recovered energy, admission conditions, as well as Denmark's wind energy and sustainable energy technology specialties, their teaching programs, subjects taught, and admission requirements. Additionally, insights and recommendations from international experts on syllabi related to the field of recovered energy were presented to the participants.