Study visit to University of Barcelona

Study visit

6/10/20241 min read

From June 3-7, a study visit to the University of Barcelona (UB)  was conducted within the framework of REFRESH project, coordinated by Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). Representatives from UNEC, Azerbaijan University of Technology, Ganja State University, Mingachevir State University, Lankaran State University, and Sumgayit State University participated in the visit.

On the first day of the event, the Vice-Rector for Internationalization Policy at the University of Barcelona greeted the participants. Narmin Ibrahimova, team member of the REFRESH project at UNEC, made a presentation during the opening session about the project's activities, the meeting agenda, and practical information.

During the study visit, participants toured historic teaching building of UB and became acquainted with the university's rich heritage. Additionally, they participated in an excursion to the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, which hosts several resident organizations working in innovation, sustainability, healthcare, and culture.

Following the excursion, a discussion session was held by the Vice-Rector for Sustainability and Climate Action at UB with representatives from six local higher education institutions involved in the REFRESH project consortium. The session emphasized the importance of Azerbaijan's chairmanship of COP29 and highlighted the significance of sustainability and excellence in education.

On the next day of the study visit, various issues related to the coordination and activities of the REFRESH project were addressed. Representatives from UNEC and UB discussed the activities carried out and planned for the REFRESH project's Work Packages, practical results, and future phases. The project managers from local and foreign institutions presented on the preparation of the interim report based on the activity plan.

During the visit, participants closely examined UB's master's program in Renewable and Sustainable Energy, including the curriculum, topics covered, program objectives, competencies, admission criteria, lesson plans, organization of sessions and practical exercises, teaching methodologies, assessment systems, and student support services. They were also informed about the specialization program in Circular Economy and Sustainability.

On the final day of the study visit, UB representatives conducted a seminar on "The Role of University-Industry Relations in Building Innovation Ecosystems."